An upcoming 2D side-scrolling, sci-fi adventure game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android
5/19/13 - Thank you to the 570 backers who pledged support for our Kickstarter campaign. We're very encouraged that we received such positive feedback as we did! While we did come short of the goal, we're currently reviewing our options and considering a more developed, refocused Kickstarter relaunch in the future. We'll update you once we decide the direction we're taking.

An alien assassin struggles to survive in a dystopian world where cash is outlawed and illegal favor trading is the only way to make it for all but society's upper class. Explore an alien world, find items, solve puzzles and use your laser gun to dedice who lives and who dies in a dangerous game of assassin for hire.

This 2013 downloadable game is an all-new, downloadable-quality, side-scrolling game based on the world and characters of Zeebarf's popular 2009 point-and-click web game series also called A Small Favor, which you can play here. This new game currently in development has reimagined art and allows more direct control over the main character, allowing him to freely explore the world, find items, discover secrets and unlock side quests. (We are currently working on a subtitle for the new game as an easy way to differentiate it from the 2009 free series.)


You can also support our game by voting for it on our Steam Greenlight Concepts page. You'll need a Steam account with at least one game in it.

About the Developers

The game is being designed and developed by ClickShake Games, formed in 2010 by artist Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth and programmer Steve Castro, creators of the self-published adventure game Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites.

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